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 Buat Fans anime... ini sangat gw recommend

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PostSubyek: Buat Fans anime... ini sangat gw recommend   Mon Nov 22, 2010 11:20 pm

Here is some very nice anime story....
I really recommend to who loves anime... just want to share this great story
and whatever you do... try watching all the Episode till the end dont stop at mid
it's already Complete... so feel free to download them Here:

EP 1: Angel_Beats_-_01.rar/

EP 2: Angel_Beats_-_02.rar/

EP 3: Angel_Beats_-_03.rar/

EP 4: Angel_Beats_-_04.rar/

EP 5: Angel_Beats_-_05.rar/

EP 6: Angel_Beats_-_06.rar/

EP 7: Angel_Beats_-_07.rar/

EP 8: Angel_Beats_-_08.rar/

EP 9: Angel_Beats_-_09.rar/

EP10: Angel_Beats_-_10.rar/

EP11: Angel_Beats_-_11.rar/

EP12: Angel_Beats_-_12.rar/

EP13: Angel_Beats_-_13.rar/

Btw if u all have watch it.. please share it with others this links... i think this story is nice and have a good morale

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Buat Fans anime... ini sangat gw recommend
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